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Cayman Islands coral reef food web

Cayman Islands coral reef food web

Hi everyone, if any of you will be in the San Francisco Bay Area in the coming month, there is an exhibition at the Aggregate Space Art Gallery, featuring scientific visualizations. A couple of pieces there are from my food web work! So please stop by. Here is the gallery’s announcement:

“In their search for evidence of theories that better explain our physical reality, scientists often discover unexpected and beautiful phenomena. The researchers who created the images and videos included in “Experimental Space” did not have an art gallery in mind while they worked. Nevertheless, the images, figures, and data on view are aesthetically compelling and seductive. Through this exhibition, Aggregate Space Gallery and BAASICS bring scientific images and perspectives from the laboratory and the academic journal to the realm of art, where subjectivity trumps objectivity and ambiguity is more celebrated than demystification.

Featuring Evidence by: Erin Jarvis Alberstat, PhD candidate; Roger Anguera, Multimedia Engineer; Daniel J. Cohen, PhD; Sara M. Freeman, PhD; Luke Gilbert, PhD; Angela Kaczmarczyk, PhD candidate; Arnaud Martin, PhD; Brian Null, PhD, and Dr. Peter D. Roopnarine, PhD.”