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This is a rendering of the Cuban coral reef food web from our set that also includes the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. All the data will be made available very soon in an upcoming publication. This is a metanetwork, or guild-level web where nodes represent one or more species with indistinguishable prey and predator links. There is a total of 266 guilds (nodes) in the network with 3899 interactions (edges) between them. The guilds in turn encompass 860 species, including protists, macroalgae, seagrasses, invertebrates and vertebrates. Colour codes: red – primary producers; yellow – invertebrates and heterotrophic protists; magenta – vertebrates.

The web or network was rendered with Graphviz using the neato algorithm (though sfdp also produces very pleasing images). Total cpu time varied between 1-4 seconds depending on options and machine.