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Here’s a new paper, hot off the press, in the open access journal PLoS One. Excerpt: “Scientists are amassing details about the scope and status of life’s variation at an accelerating rate. This aids our understanding of species’ distributions and their interactions over space and time. If we are to address the consequences of global environmental change for life’s future, however, biodiversity data must be aggregated, integrated and synthesized to a much greater degree than they are at present. Here, we call attention to a new community resource and tool which provides a step in the right direction.

Mindell DP, Fisher BL, Roopnarine P, Eisen J, Mace GM, et al. (2011) Aggregating, Tagging and Integrating Biodiversity Research. PLoS ONE 6(8): e19491. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0019491