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Ecologists fear Antarctic krill crisis : Nature News.

This is an excellent example of “fishing down the web”, but with a few interesting twists. Krill are now being harvested heavily in support of fish farming ventures, which themselves are a result of overfishing in the wild. Moreover, given the increasing use of krill components in other human products, such as biomedical ones, are krill-based food products far off in a future where food shortages are a real possibility? I have very little doubt that unregulated harvesting of krill, coupled with climate change effects, will bear out the prediction of myself and others that if you thought that the removal of higher trophic level predators have bad effects on communities, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET! Let’s lop the communal legs off and watch the show unfold. I doubt that such large and diverse communities can rebound on ecological-human timescales.